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Developing Your Nurture Sequence

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Stop for a moment and think about the things that you are doing, or should be doing, to help your prospects get to know you.

Are you staying in contact with them? Have you developed your nurture sequence? Are you posting on social media as your business brand? Are you asking your clients for referrals?

There are two main reason I see people (not businesses) fail to attract and retain repeat clients.

1. Lack of Follow-Up

Many times I have met someone and told them "I want to do business with you!" Only to have them not follow-up with me to potentially close the sale. As the prospect, it is not my responsibility to follow-up. If that person fails to contact me I'm thinking they will not follow through on my project. They will not follow-up on delivering their products or services to me. The will not follow through on satisfying my needs as their customer. Not only have they lost the sale with me, it will take a lot more effort on their part to convince me to do business with them.

2. Overly Aggressiveness

I'm sure you've all met that person. Their actions could be conceived as potential harassment. They say the average customer will say no seven times before saying yes. That does not mean you should contact them seven times in the same week! Remember to ASK permission to add someone to your email distribution list or your Facebook groups! If you fail to do this, it is considered SPAM and you could potentially be reported by them.

Both of these issues can be solved by developing your nurture sequence!

First, define your target audience. Who is your ideal client? Who do you really want to do business with? Once you have that determined, you can put them into segments if appropriate. For example: one of my financial advisor clients has segmented her target into two categories: Women Over 50 and Women Under 50. The woman over 50 has an entirely different outlook on their financial future. They are planning for retirement and have a lot less time to save than the young women just starting out on her financial journey.

Now that you know who you want to work with, define your sales cycle and how long the process should take to convert them to a client. One of my real estate clients has a much longer sales cycle, it could be years before her prospect is in a position to buy or sell a home. But when they are ready, she wants to be top of mind when they make that decision. For me, my sales cycle is much shorter. Hopefully a prospect will decide within a few weeks that they are ready to take their business to the next level (or launch their new business) and they want my help in positioning them for success.

Remember to offer something of value first. Your contact with your prospects should be about filling a need, not a sales pitch on how great you are. Determine their needs, their pain, and educate them on how you can meet their needs or ease their pain.

Nurture them through your sales funnel. You should be sending 2-3 emails to them spread out over a period of time. Email them within one to two days of initially meeting them. Make the email personal. Talk about meeting them and what they talked about. Next, follow-up with a phone call one week after the initial meeting. Anything sooner and you could potentially be pushing them away instead of drawing them to you. Not everyone checks their email every day and if you call them too soon you could be on top of them finally opening your email.

If they have not made the decision to do business with you yet... wait. Wait another week before sending up another email. Still no? Wait. Follow-up in one month. Then start the cycle over again.

Ready to develop your nurture sequence? Need help in the process? Book a coaching session with me today and we'll work together to turn your prospects into repeat clients.

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