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She's utterly amazing. And she works so hard for Uptown! But what she does as a business consultant; helping you with branding, marketing, social media, logos, websites, operations, strategic management, future development planning, and so much more! Before I became National Director of UWC I met with her about branding my business... I left our meeting inspired, rejuvenated, and driven to build my business! Take a meeting with her... What she said about her business tonight is just the tip of the iceberg of what she offers her clients.

Nyrie Sarkissian

Jamie is a true powerhouse resource for women entrepreneurs- as a small business owner I either have to hire others for a variety of business related skills I don’t have, or learn to do them myself. This is where Jamie comes in. The Uptown Women’s Club has given me not only valuable opportunities to hone my speaking skills and confidence within a small and supportive community, but also hands-on practice with networking, and creating my own solid network. She’s also an expert in marketing, and knows how to teach even the most inexperienced, right-brained business owner practical, easy to understand marketing skills with straightforward and easy to use methods. She’s helped me take my business from a great idea to an income-producing reality. I cannot express how much she’s influenced me and helped to boost my business- her public speaking, networking and marketing skills were truly the missing link for me! 

Macha Bennet-Shephard

Owner, Chichi Personal Image Development

I highly recommend anyone to hire Jamie! She is a true professional in her field. She is also a perfectionist going way beyond any expectations the client may have. She gave me great ideas for the launch of my business Heartbeat Matchmaker, making it a wonderful launch as well as truly enjoyable for our guests and myself. I felt this was a great way to start my business which has turned it into a successful business - thanks to Jamie so much for being there from day 1!

Dejuan Miller

CEO, Heartbeat Matchmaker

I've had the experience of working with Jamie as a sponsor (via Hard Rock Anchorage) and promotional partner of the Iron Dog. Despite the completely unproven new events we were developing, Jamie showed great talent for juggling the changes in requirements and kept a very upbeat attitude while taking on literally hundreds of other projects unrelated to our working relationship. We also served together on the board of directors for a statewide business advocacy organization that represents Alaska’s largest private sector of employers within the hospitality, tourism, and food service industries. I'm fortunate to have worked with someone of Jamie's level of energy and would be more than happy to work with her again in the future.

Kevin Kastner

Executive Director, Iron Dog, Inc.

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